Visa options and benefits for retiring in Italy

Pensioners moving to Italy can obtain a Retirement Visa and several benefits including a 7% flat tax regime

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How can I obtain the Italian Retirement Visa?

To request the Italian Retirement Visa (officially known as Elective Residence Visa — Visto per residenza elettiva), applicants are required to submit:

What are the main benefits of the Italian Retirement Visa?

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How can I prove my economic resources?

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· Letters from banking institutions stating current available funds . The type of account, the account balance and monthly earnings. These funds must be more than substantial and must generate revenues.

· Documents from other sources that will provide you with additional financial revenues. Such as Social Security pension or other type of pension, property ownership and lease agreements, business ownership and related documentation;

· Some Consulates require the applicants to submit the last 2–3 years tax returns;

· The visa applicant must show solid bank account/s and a set monthly income.

What about the accommodation in Italy?

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Can I work in Italy with the Retirement Visa?

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Are there any obstacles or difficulties when requesting the Italian Retirement Visa?

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What are the steps after you obtain the Italian Retirement Visa?

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How to assess if your accommodation is suitable?

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