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  • Antonija Hinckel Osojnik

    Antonija Hinckel Osojnik

    I’m a Lawyer and Entrepreneur, live in Heidelberg with my family, and write what I care about the most, how to sustain life on our only 🌎 More: www.whizzk.com

  • Dr. Alessandro Crimi

    Dr. Alessandro Crimi

    Researcher, Lecturer, and founder of www.yawlab.io Interested in biotech, medicine, cooperation, education and entrepreneurship, also in low-income countries.

  • Un Swede Svensson

    Un Swede Svensson

    I write to you, experiences from my work with management, coding, startups, and as icing on the cake, some of my life lessons. https://unswede.com/-/join_team

  • Jordan Stokke

    Jordan Stokke

  • Margot Esther Borden

    Margot Esther Borden

    | Integral Psychotherapist | Author | Spiritual Seeker | Digital Nomad | www.MargotBorden.com |



  • Stephanie Hill

    Stephanie Hill

    VP, People at GiveDirectly — passionate about leadership, culture, equity and health of both individuals and organizations.

  • Kelly Burns

    Kelly Burns

    writer and sometimes singer/composer & painter. Italian-American. INFP. I write fiction and nonfiction. www.kellyburns.com

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